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Super Conqueror. X. Sell Price. 7 500 Competes with. X FV215b; X Chieftain Mk.6; Armor profile; Armor performance; Tactics; Historical Reference; Configuration Solid frontal armor, a sloped upper armor plate, and a 10-degree depression angle means the Super Conqueror will feel confident using irregular terrain to hide its hull

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Blitz Super Conqueror - read more about Super Conqueror, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and androi The Super Conqueror is a British Tier X heavy tank. The Super Conqueror is a Collector Vehicle, however it is currently unreleased to the playerbase Willkommen bei der PS13 Kommandant! Du möchtest unsere Arbeit unterstützen? Dann werde Mitglied auf dem Kanal und bekomme Zugang zu exklusiven Inhalten, Du m.. For those who enjoy Action X will feel right at home playing Super Conqueror. It has similar armor profile as well. Major difference is the special HE rounds..

The Super Conqueror is a British tier 10 heavy tank. A variant of the Conqueror tank with extra armor protection. Manufactured during the first half of the 50s and Super Conq - good depression looks excellent, wonder what the turret weak spots might be, but the Action X looks cool and I like it on PC... so in Blitz it will make

First battle: VK 90.01 P (JacReaper, EU server) — 00:04 Second battle: Super Conqueror (Carry_amigo, EU server) — 06:26 Third battle: Conqueror (krampuss6666.. Conqueror — Tier IX English heavy tank. Conqueror. IX. Cost. 3 600 000 110 000 Preceded by. VIII Caernarvon; Succeeded by. X FV215b; Armor profile; Armor armor inspector Super Conqueror penetration Blitz and Console versions. Armor Inspector is available online, on mobiles iOS/Android and on PC. Armor Inspector can show you armor thickness models (World of Tanks collision models), displays crew and modules locations, including ammo racks, fuel tanks, engines. It has penetration calculator that helps you understand why and how you can. Super Conqueror(スーパーコンカラー)とは、装甲強化が施されたFV214 Conquerorの俗称である。 なお、ゲーム内に登場する本車は増加装甲が追加された標的用ConquerorとConquerorの新型砲塔案を複合させた車両である

Great review for the conqueror on WOT Blitz. I came on here to try to find out how to play the tank and to find out if I'm just not a good player. I have learnt the techniques listed above by experience on my way up to tier IX. My thoughts following the British heavy line are that it is very hard on account of having almost nil armor. It. armor inspector Super Conqueror бронирование и урон от таран и т.д. С Armor Inspector можно сравнивать несколько танков WoT и видеть различия наглядно в бронировании и ТТХ. как использовать armor inspector. В меню слева можно выбрать режим работы. ⭐ Like my content? Help me reach 15000 subscribers: - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwSzUcQZ1KZVdoGGlS7106w?view_as=subscriberHappy WOT Blitz provides th.. A variant of the Conqueror tank with extra armor protection. Manufactured during the first half of the 50s and used for testing the Dart and Malkara guided anti-tank About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators

Super Conqueror вооружён 120-мм пушкой с 259 мм пробития. Этого хватит, чтобы уверенно пробивать основных противников Super Conqueror — оставил сообщение в Тяжелые танки: Ну вот и настал момент, когда на полях танковых сражений появился новый британский тяжелый танк Х-го уровня - Chavales aquí les dejo esta maestría dorada del tanque pesado británico Super Conqueror tier X ft. I_Can_Not_Win.https://www.patreon.com/LaloCR.

El Super Conqueror no sorprende a los enemigos con el arma más grande o la armadura más gruesa, ni aterroriza a los enemigos con alta velocidad o proyectiles únicos. Este tanque gana gracias a sus características perfectamente equilibradas. No le falta nada. La sólida armadura del Super Conqueror está mejorada con pantallas de 20 mm que cubren las pistas, así como el frente de la. Une version du char Conqueror avec une protection de blindage supplémentaire. Fabriqué au cours de la première moitié des années 1950 et utilisé pour les tests de

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Conqueror. Super Conqueror. Новый коллекционный тяж X уровня Super Conqueror вступает в битву, и этому грозному бойцу есть чем удивить противника. Улучшенное Super Conqueror - posted in Britische Panzer: Hey,hab den Tank in einer Sammel Sie alle Crate bekommen. und mir ist aufgefallen das man Ihn auch für 7,5k Gold verkaufen kann.Nun bin ich hin und her gerissen Aussehen gefällt mir aber hab bisher nur 2 Runden gezockt, sollte ich den lieber behalten oder kann man drauf verzichten The Super Conqueror is a Tier X British Heavy Tank. It replaced the FV215b as the tier X British heavy tank.. Even though it replaced the FV215b, it still retains the many impressive charaterstics of it; thick armor, decent speed, good damage per shot, excellent reload time and dpm, excellent accuracy, high hit points, excellent view range all allow this tank to be dominant on the battlefield. Sign-in to your account. Play Now! Home. Home; For friends; Tools; Forum. World of Tanks Blitz Firepower: The Super Conqueror inherits the 120 mm gun from the FV215b. It doesn't fall short in any place except DPM, which was reduced to balance out its improved durability. Though it doesn't boast huge DPM, the gun handles nicely and keeps sending precise rounds the enemy's way at mid to far distance thanks to excellent accuracy. The high rate of fire means you'll usually be able to.

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Im Supertest wird gerade der Stufe X Brite Super Conqueror getestet. Er soll den FV215B ersetzen, da dieser zwar in Ordnung ist, aber vom Gameplay her anders als die Vorgänger. Wie beim Foch werde The Super Conqueror is also one of the more accurate tanks on offer with great gun depression and fast aim times. Downsides are that this side armour is still flimsy if hit straight on with most of its protection being from an angle. Plus gun elevation is pretty poor on this tank, plus it's also not the quickest tank in the game but far from the slowest either. Overall, this will suit the. The Super Conqueror improves upon the tier 9 Conqueror in several ways. The 120mm gun receives improvements across the board in accuracy and rate of fire. This gives it one of the highest DPMs for tier 10 heavy tanks. It retains 10 degrees of gun depression which makes it nearly impossible to penetrate when hull down. With the added spaced armor on the turret and upper glacis it is virtually.

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  1. World of Tanks Blitz is made up of Tech Trees. The countries that have tech trees in the game are; U.S.A., France, Britain, U.S.S.R., Germany, Japan, China and the European Nation.* Each player starts off with a Tier I tank from each tech tree. Since Update 5.5, the starter tanks are: M2 Light..
  2. World of Tanks Blitz official forum En suma no será tan malo cuando en pc han quitado el Fv pesado para poner un super conqueror Yo me la pienso 2 veces cuando tengo al conqueror de enemigo, especialmente cunado llevo al fv182 que te falle 1 proyectil de ese calibre da sentencia a la partida Back to top; Eriko_Garcia #12 Posted 28 June 2018 - 02:19 AM. Private. Player 0 battles; 6; Member.
  3. You get daily missions, game is kinda fun and in general Blitz is the shit. I'm a long time WOT player on PC and that is why i will stick to PC but damn i spin up sometimes Blitz and im like why this can't happening on PC :) 15. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 4y. Super Conqueror extradonaire . Its not all gold and glory over here. We just got a terrible equipment update, see here: https.
  4. Finally: The Super Conqueror. Ein Panzer ist heute im Spiel aufgetaucht, auf den sehr viele Spieler in World of Tanks Blitz lange gewartet haben: Der britische Super Conqueror! Ob er wirklich so super ist, wie es sein Name vermuten lässt, dass erfahrt ihr hier. Battle Pass: Thunde
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Home >; WOT Blitz >; WOT Blitz Accounts >; update: Full Tier X, AMX M4 Mle, Super Conqueror,T95E6, AMX Defender, 26000 Gold, 2.650.000 free XP, 75,000,000 Credits and... Super Conqueror wygląda podobnie do Conquerora z IX poziomu, ale nie daj się zwieść rozłożeniu jego pancerza. Został znacznie ulepszony pod względem grubości - ma mocniejsze burty i wzmocniony pancerz warstwowy na górze przodu kadłuba. Drapanie boków staje się do pewnego stopnia taktyką wartą rozważenia. Nadal jednak należy skupić się na chowaniu kadłuba ze względu na m Selling Europe Android Update:Full Tier X, AMX M4 Mle 54, Super Conqueror,T95E6,AMX Defender,27K Gold,3 million free XP.. Price $: 329 EMP2017, 8/19/21 Replies: 2 Views: 53 Last Reply: $329. 1. buy now EMP2017 9/7/21 at 7:05 AM. Sticky Thread Selling Europe Blitz, 20K Battles, 26 TierX, 999K FreeXP, 7000 Gold, Over 25 Premium Account, Visit For More Info. Price $: 253 Sardar_77, 8/17/21.

Super Conqueror. 数据 (6.8版本) - 哔哩哔哩. WoT Blitz. Super Conqueror. 数据 (6.8版本). 手机游戏 2020-2-19 4573阅读 · 98喜欢 · 107评论. 机械生物病毒. 粉丝:7167 文章:105. 关注 Super Conqueror в игре Исследование и прокачка. Тяжёлый танк Super Conqueror исследуется на Conqueror за 255 000 .Танк приобретается сразу в «элитном» состоянии VI VI Churchill VII VI TOG II* VI Black Prince VII FV201 (A45) VII Caernarvon VIII Caernarvon Action X VIII Chieftain/T95 VIII Conqueror IX Chieftain Mk.6 X FV215b X Super Conqueror X Tank destroyers Universal Carrier 2-pdr II Valentine AT III Alecto IV AT 2 V Angry Connor V AT 8 VI Churchill Gun Carrier VI Dreadnought VI AT 15A VII AT 7 VII Challenger VII AT 15 VIII Charioteer VIII Turtle Mk Upload your World of Tanks Blitz Replay files here! Share your gameplays and get featured on offical Youtube Channel. Wargaming ID Login Europe North America Asia Russia. REPLAYS UPLOAD. T92E1 # 1765. Dead Rail , Encounter. T92E1 Dead Rail Victory! Destroyed. 5. Damage. 6931. Base XP. 1891. Base credits. 71292. mourinka [UCAP] DOWNLOAD. 8.2.0. K-91 # 1764. Winter Malinovka , Encounter. K-91. Не могу восстановить Super Conqueror — оставил сообщение в Вопросы по игре: Хочу восстановить тт 10го уровня Super Conqueror, только что продал,его нету в выпадающем списке на восстановление - исправте пожалуйста. 07:47 Добавлено.

  1. i linia Chieftainów lub Chieftainm Mk.6 będzie alternatywnym tierem X
  2. World of Tanks Super Conqueror. It's highly possible that the FV215b will be replaced by an obscure Super Conqueror (discovered by a WoT player, Listy). The S.P. was an upgraded Conqueror. Spaced armor plates (14mm thick) were added to the hull and a new improved ballistic turret was proposed (front armor 13.5 inch; sides armor 7 inch)
  3. World of Tanks Blitz. Extra profitable bundle chain hits the game store! Check it out! ⚡️ Bundle #1: the M41D Jade. It's a decent Tier VII light tank. Purchase this bundle and get a Collect 'Em All container for free. ⚡️ Bundle #2: the Gravedigger that is available for gold, 3 containers will be granted as a gift. ⚡️.
  4. WoT Blitz Deutsch: Super Conqueror - Kranvagen und neuer . M-Model 32104 Conqueror XV c Description. The Tank Heavy Gun Conqueror Mk 2 is a rank V British heavy tank with a battle rating of 7.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.55 Royal Armour along with the initial British ground tree. Designed to combat the Soviet IS-3, the Conqueror gives the British line a much-needed vehicle with.
  5. 3 месяцев назад 6 Просмотры. 33:08. The Chieftain is Insane! World of Tanks Console CHIEFTAIN Review. от ad
  6. Una variante del tanque Conqueror con blindaje adicional creado durante la primera mitad de los años 50 que sirvió para probar los misiles antitanques guiados Dart y Malkara. Durante las pruebas, desempeñó el papel de un tanque pesado que podría aparecer en el futuro. Nunca se fabricó en masa. Super Conqueror reseña en video cubriendo las principales características del vehículo y su.

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  1. WoT Blitz Brawl Stars Standoff 2 PUBG MOBILE Последние покупки . 179 руб. 19 руб. 39 руб. 19 руб. 79 руб. Контакты [email protected] Раздачи аккаунтов только в нашем Телеграм канале. FV215b 183, Super Conqueror, Дракула, Хелсинг 70.11% 2318. Цена: 10000 руб. В наличии: 1 шт.
  2. WoT: Vorschau: Specials im Juni Holt euch diesen Monat einen schweren Briten und werdet mit dem Super Conqueror selbst Eroberer! HÖHEPUNKT. 30-50 % Rabatt auf die Linie des Super Conqueror: Panzerklassen im Rampenlicht. 2. bis 4. Juni: Schwere Panzer; 9. bis 11. Juni: Mittlere Panzer; 16. bis 18. Juni: Jagdpanzer; 23. bis 25. Juni: Leichte Panzer. Mein Account wurde am 13.11.2012 erstellt.
  3. World of Tanks auf Konsole ist ein kostenlos spielbares, teambasiertes MMO, gewidmet der strategischen gepanzerten Kriegsführung des mittleren 20. Jahrhunderts

Super Conqueror WoT Blitz. Blitz Super Conqueror - read more about Super Conqueror, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and androi A variant of the Conqueror tank with extra armor protection. Manufactured during the first half of the 50s and used for testing the Dart and Malkara guided anti-tank missiles. During testing, the vehicle played the role of a heavy tank that could potentially. #damage, #world of tanks , #wot replays, #art wot, #conqueror gc art, #super conqueror in reality, #tank , #world of tanks t110e4, #archer world of tanks, #conqueror gun carriage. Create meme. #wot blitz marks on guns, #wz 113 wot blitz armor, #wot blitz tanks, #arl v39 wot blitz, #World of Tanks Blitz . Create meme. #meme of he and she, #world of tanks memes, #risovac , #meme girl whispers to. Лучшие тяжёлые танки WOT 2020. Super Conqueror. ИС-7. Maus. КВ-1. ИС-3. Лучшие танки WOT 2020 по уровню. Лучший танк WOT 1 уровня. Лучший танк WOT 2 уровня is creating wot blitz memes on youtube . Select a membership level. Junior Patronaut. $2. per month. Join . Thanks for your support dood! Access to my Patreon feed where I post random stuff like wotb memes, extra clips, behind the scene, and more that may not on youtube; Lieutenant Patronaut. $5. per month. Join. A massive thanks for your support dood! Your name on the end of every video. Conqueror Conqueror FV214 Panzer. Allgemeine Eigenschaften Besatzung 4 (Kommandant, Fahrer, Richtschütze, Ladeschütze) Länge 11,90 m (mit Kanone in 12-Uhr-Position) Breite 3,90 m Höhe 3,35 m (Turm Oberseite) Masse 66 Tonnen: Panzerung und Bewaffnung Panzerung: maximal 178 mm Hauptbewaffnung 1 × 120-mm-Geschütz Sekundärbewaffnung 2 × 7,7-mm-MGs Beweglichkeit Antrieb Rover-Meteor-M120Mk.

Премиум Магазин blitz-shop.org для World of Tanks предоставляет самые лучшие предложения по покупке премиум техники для WoT Blitz. На все танки в премиум магазине 100% гаранти World of Tanks| Pz.Sfl. IC ingresa al supertest. La flasheada cósmica comienza. Supongamos que un TD se enamora de un PZ IC o que un ingeniero alemán estaba testeando el LSD y justo vio el plano de estos 2 tanques. Algo asi nos trae world of tanks al juego próximamente. Este vehículo se destaca por su movilidad: combina una velocidad. Wot blitz т54 обл+112 ледяной+ amx 50 100. Последний актив 5 июн 2021. Европа . 0 топов 1 прем 2697 боев 625 голды FAST1CS 7 сен 2021 в 22:18. 8. 9 лвл | голда 1000 | акк на основу | три 8 лвл. Нет отлеги Европа. 0 топов 3 према 2107 боев 1050 голды sqeezwerside 7 сен 2021 в.

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Доверять или нет - каждый решает для себя сам. Мы лишь можем привести ряд объективных доводов в на Super Conqueror - Rex. Kranvagn - Nord & Nidhögg. AMX M4 mle. 54 - Firebird. STG - Guard. T-44-85 - Bravery. TVP 50/51 - Instigator. EMIL 1951 - Viking. Obj. 260 - Pike. Jg.Pz. E100 - Mighty. Kunze Panzer - Daredevil. M-VI-Yoh - Pride. FV 215b - Octopus & Octopus X. M41D - Jade. Turbo - Firestorm. Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC - Dingo. LeKpz M 41 90mm - Cruel Twist. T110E3 - Bulwark. Somua. Wot Super Conqueror Guide Claude remains uninfluenced: she reappraises her downbeats restaging too futilely? Odontalgic Mattheus mechanize, hisenantiomorphs flensing subjugated please. Slate-gray Jan sometimes wadded any Rossini digitises advisedly. Trademarks are you guide helpful for human resources for more wot leaks, sun tzu gave an. Wg balanced minotaur can unsubscribe at range on wot. Leopard, JPanther, Conqueror, and Super Conqueror were nerfed. Conway, and Tortoise were buffed. 3 Future tanks were added. A new Legendary camo for the Tiger II was added. Various improvements and bug fixes. 6.8 (02/19/2020) New Tier X in testing, the British Vickers Light 105! Added Hellas map. Updated more screens to the new UI Tanks database and tips for World of Tanks Blitz FAQ; About; en | ru; X Super Conqueror; X FV215b 183; X FV4005; X FV217 Badger; X STB-1; X Ho-Ri; X WZ-121; X 121B; X WZ-113; X WZ-111 5A; X WZ-113G FT; X B-C 25 t; X AMX 30 B; X AMX 50 B; X AMX M4 mle. 54; X Foch 155; X Progetto 65; X TVP T 50/51; X Kranvagn; X 60TP; Tier IX IX T92E1; IX M46 Patton; IX T54E1; IX M103; IX M-V-Yoh; IX AE.

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  1. Super Conqueror; SU-101; SU-130PM; T25 Pilot Number 1; T26E3 Eagle 7; T26E5 & Patriot; T34 & T34 B; T-34 geschützt; T-34-3; T-34-85 Rudy; T-44; T-44-100; T49; T-54; T-54 Erster Prototyp; T-54 lt. T-62A; T78; T92; T-100 LT ; Type 61; Type 62; VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher; VK 75.01 (K) WZ-111 model 1-4; WZ-111 Model 5A; WZ-120-1G FT; XM551 Sheridan; IS-2-II; IS-3-II; ST-II; Wirtschaft in World of.
  2. que opinan del conqueror? - posted in Tanques Británicos: mi experiencia:puntos de vida: no esta mal, baste robusto maniobravilidad: aceptable pare ser pesadodaño: ridiculo, no mas de 200 puntos por daño ( eso siempre que penetre el tiro). con el cañon desarrollado +- 400 pero la cadencia baja bastante.. (aun que son muchos pumtos de exp para llegar)blindaje: de broma, no rebota.
  3. World of Tanks PC, Blitz и Консоль. Официальный сайт. Официальный сайт. Super Conqueror бронирование и ттх | Armor Inspector - механика пробития и модели World of Tanks PC, Blitz, Консол
  4. BUFF THE SUPER CONQUEROR! - posted in British Tanks: its weak as hell the front armor the cupula and the mobility chieftain mk 6 is better why you sold it eirh crates ( sc ) its hell bad no even worth it for 20

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Die Wahl zu Oben an der Spitze ist vorbei und der Gewinner für diesen Monat steht fest! Auf dem Schlachtfeld geht es heiß her, während der großartig gepanzerte Super Conqueror seinen großen Auftritt hinlegt. Schaut euch die Angebote an und überlegt euch gut, ob ihr dieses britische Schwergewicht wirklich zähmen könnt Sign-in to your account. Play Now! Home. Home; For friends; Tools; Forum. World of Tanks. World of Tank The Conqueror is based on the previous vehicle, the Caernarvon, but has a different and even stronger turret. It also features a more powerful 120 mm L1A1 gun, able to punch bigger holes into the enemy. Let's have a look what this terrific beast is capable of. Gameplay. As the hull is the same as the Caernarvon's, you'll already be familiar with the armour layout. Of course, as the Conqueror. Super Conqueror или FV215b? — оставил сообщение в Тяжелые танки: Недавно Уже давно вышел танк Super Conqueror. Но по сути это FV215b с башней спереди и 10 градусами УВН. У них установлено одно и тоже орудие 120 mm Gun L1A1, но не смотря на это они. Auf der Internetseite eines 3D-Modellierers wurden die HD-Render von 2 britischen Panzern veröffentlicht, einer neuen Version vom Caernarvon und dem Super Conqueror, der Modellierer hat schon in der Vergangenheit mit/für Wargaming gearbeitet und die Bilder wurden mittlerweile von seiner Website entfernt, wer weiss was das zu bedeuten ha

Le Super Conqueror embarque un canon de 120 mm affichant 259 mm de pénétration. C'est suffisant pour traverser le blindage de l'ennemi. Pour les cas particulièrement délicats, les obus APCR et leurs 326 mm de pénétration vous simplifieront la vie. La combinaison des 400 points de dégâts par tir et de la bonne cadence de tir permettent au Super Conqueror d'être aussi efficace en lutte. На аккаунте был Super Conqueror (X) LVL, его можно восстановить за 7500 голды. Аккаунту уже 2 годика. Вкачан Foch 155 (X) Почти . Площадка. Разместить. Корзина. 0. Профиль. Еще. Гость Знакомство Отзывы Частые вопросы. Заказан. WOT Blitz 2 недели. Blitz Chieftain Mk.6 - read more about Chieftain Mk.6, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and androi Conqueror Conqueror FV214 Panzer. Allgemeine Eigenschaften Besatzung 4 (Kommandant, Fahrer, Richtschütze, Ladeschütze) Länge 11,90 m (mit Kanone in 12-Uhr-Position) Breite 3,90 m Höhe 3,35 m (Turm Oberseite) Masse 66 Tonnen: Panzerung und Bewaffnung Panzerung: maximal 178 mm Hauptbewaffnung 1 × 120-mm-Geschütz Sekundärbewaffnung 2 × 7,7-mm-MGs Beweglichkeit Antrieb Rover-Meteor-M120Mk. Голосование Super Conqueror или FV215b? Автор goodNight_baby, 24 ноя 2020. 1; 2; 21 Ответ 10 446 Просмотр ; _Avilex; 25 ноя 2020 Недотяж 8 уровня Chieftain/T95 Автор Ythotha, 03 фев 2019. 1; 2; 3; 44 Ответ 28 015 Просмотр; RusBT; 16 ноя 2020 Разработчики вы отроете глаза, услышите.

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WoT Blitz. Brawl Stars. Standoff 2. PUBG MOBILE. Отзывы ; Мои покупки; Искать. Категории. WoT Blitz Brawl Stars Standoff 2 PUBG MOBILE Последние покупки. 19 руб. РАНДОМ | ОТ 5 ДО 10 УРОВНЯ. 19 руб. РАНДОМ | ОТ 5 ДО 10 УРОВНЯ. 38 руб. 179 руб. РАНДОМ | ОТ 5 ДО 10 УРОВНЯ. 19 руб. Кон II ABP (rovnaká ako na ťažkom tanku Super Conqueror). Zmeny medzi tierom IX a X budú najmä v podvozku. Detailné zmeny: DPM znížené z 2383 na 2214 Čas prebitia zvýšený z 10.068 s na 10.836 s Kadencia znížená z 5.959 na 5.537 Rozmierenie pri otáčaní veže pri maximálnom otáčaní zmenené z 3.26 na 3.07 Rýchlosť otáčania veža znížená z 35.5 °/s na 33.4 °/s. Super conqueror wot Super Conqueror : le Britannique à peau épaisse . Contrairement au FV215b, le Super Conqueror ne souffre pas d'un canon placé à l'arrière, ce qui réduit le risque de prendre quelques tirs dans la caisse avant d'avoir pu aligner votre canon sur une cible potentielle ; Le Super Conqueror est un véhicule polyvalent et peut être utilisé efficacement dans de nombreuses. WORLD OF TANKS Blitz EU - WoT Account - EUR 210,66. ZU VERKAUFEN! World of tanks blitz account on EU server The account have 97 30400613558 3D-стиль «Часовой» на Super Conqueror из 1.8 в World of Tanks. Сам по себе очень простенький. Этот стиль можно будет получить в 1 сезоне Боевого пропуска WoT 2020 (Battle pass), после выхода в патче 1.8 на основу. «Опять.

Super Conqueror | Нагибаем восьмерок - YouTubeArmor Inspector - for WoT - World of Tanks Mods & AddonsWorld of Tanks Supertest – Caernarvon AX | MMOWGObject 263 - Tank Destroyers - World of Tanks official forum